One sweeping glance

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In the unspectacular setting of Rawlins, Wyoming, a person can see in one sweeping glance a spread of time far greater than the time represented in the walls of the Grand Canyon. On pages 29497, a verbal rock column reaches down at Rawlins through those 2.6 billion years. The final sixth of Rising from the Plains is an environmental montage of tensions between geological discovery and environmental preservation. David Love, exploration geologist and passionate defender of zakelijke energie wild Wyoming, contains within himself the essence of the struggle, as it is exemplified by coal (404-8), oil shale (412-13), trona (415-16), oil and gas in the Overthrust Belt (417-19), oil in Yellowstone Park (419-21), and-one of his signal discoveries, close to home-sedimentary uranium (421-25). Assembling California came thirteen years after Basin and Range, and the wait was prudent, for, as every grandchild knows, California is challenged only by Alaska as a national showcase of active tectonics. I had scarcely begun writing Assembling California when, in 1989, the Loma Prieta earthquake occurred, and inserted itself with prominence in the text. In 1992, other temblors took place at Big Bear, Landers, and Joshua Tree, the latter two evidently initiating a new fault line (587-88) and confirming a prediction made in Basin and Range by Ken Deffeyes (137-43). Assembling California begins and ends at the same point on the Pacific Coast, and in what amounts to a long and digressive flashback traverses the state east to west in the company of Eldridge Moores, whose tectonic hypotheses are on the applied outer boundary of the theory of plate tectonics, where he reconstructs former worlds. When Anita Harris, in In Suspect Terrain, alludes to “the platetectonics boys,” the group would include Eldridge Moores. He has suggested, for example, that Arizona and Antarctica were once conjoined. This did not prevent the Geological Society of America from electing zakelijke energie vergelijken him its president in 1995· The simple itinerant structure of Assembling California includes two long set pieces-one near the start and the other near the finish-illustrating the extensive effects of two very different geological events: the gold rush of the eighteenforties and fifties (454-72) and the Loma Prieta earthquake, of 1989 (603-20).

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