Energy colonization

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If Wyoming can be said to have been acupmictured for energy, nowhere was this so variously evident as in the southwestem quadrant of the state, from the new coalfields near Rock Springs to the new oil fields of the Overthrust Belt, not to mention experimental attempts to extract petroleum from Eocene lacustrine shale, which -in that comer of Wyoming and adjacent parts of Colorado and Utah-contains more oil than all the rock of Saudi Arabia. More than the Union Pacific was after such provender now. “We are at the mercy of the east-coast and west-coast establishments,” Love said. “It’s been called energy colonization.” And while we traversed the region, with scene after scene returning us to this theme, his reactions were not always predictable. There were moments that emphasized the scientist in him, others that brought out zakelijke energie the fly-atit-folks discoverer of resources, and others that brought forth a vigorous environmentalist, conserving his native ground, fulminating in the face of effronteries to humanity and the earth. Love is a prospector in the name of the people, who looks for the wealth in exploitable rock. He is also a pure scientist, who will follow his instincts wherever they lead. And he is a frequent public lecturer who turns over every honorarium he receives to organizations like the Teton Science School and High Country News, whose charter is to understand the environment in order to defend it. Thus, he carries within himself the whole spectrum of tensions that have accompanied the rise of the environmental movement. He carries within himself some of the central paradoxes of his time. Among environmentalists, he seems to me to be a good deal less lopsided than many, although beset by contradictory interests, like the society he serves. He cares passionately about Wyoming. It may be acupunctured for zakelijke energie vergelijken energy, but it is still Wyoming, and only words and images, in their inevitable concentration, can effectively clutter its space: a space so great that you can stand on a hilltop and see not only what Jim Bridger saw but also-through dimming tracts of time-what no one saw.

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