Distant transport

Gerelateerde afbeelding

But such distant transport, while it characterizes continental ice sheets wherever they have moved, accounts for a low percentage of the rock in glacial drift. The glacier cuts and fills. Continuously, it plucks up material and sets it down, plucks it up, sets it down. It taketh away, and then it giveth. A diamond may travel from Quebec to Indiana, some dolomite from Lake George to the sea, but most of what is lifted is dropped nearby-boulders from New Jersey in Prospect Park. “Glacial geology is simple to deal with,” Anita said, “because so much of what the glacier created is preserved. Also, you can go places and see the flexplek huren breda same processes working. You can go to Antarctica and see continental glaciation. There’s alpine glaciation in Alaska.” This warm clear summer day was now approaching noon, and Prospect Park was quiet and unpeopled. It was all but deserted. Anita as a child had come here often. She remembered people and picnics everywhere she looked, none of this ominous silence. “I suppose it isn’t safe,” she said, and we moved on toward Williamsburg. As we drew close, she became even more obviously nervous. “They tell me it’s just the worst slum in the world now,” she said. “I don’t know if I should tell you to roll up all the windows and lock the doors.” “We would die of the heat.” “This is a completely unnatural place,” she went on. “It’s a totally artificial environment. Cockroaches, rats, human beings, and pigeons are all that survive. At Brooklyn College, my instructors had difficulty relating geology to the lives of people in this artificial world. In the winter, maybe you froze your ass off waiting for the subway. Maybe that was a way to begin discussing glaciation. In the city, let me tell you, no one knows from geology.” We¬†flexplek huren haarlem went first to her high school. It appeared to be abandoned and was not. It was a besooted fortress with battlements. Inside were tall cool hallways that smelled of polish and belied the forbidding exterior. She had walked the halls four years with A’s on her report cards and been graduated with high distinction at the age of fifteen. We went to P.S. 37, her grade school.

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