A spellbinder

Gerelateerde afbeelding

“Science is not a detached, impersonal thing. People will be influenced as much by someone who is a spellbinder as by someone with a good, logical story. It is spellbinding to say that these belts are exotic and were built through time by micro or macro pieces aggregated to the continent. But the fact that you’ve got seismic lines without any apparent suture lines makes you wonder what really co-working space breda happened. Where are those Devonian and Taconic sutures? Are they just not being recognized? Or are they in fact thrust plates?”
I thought also of field trips in the company of geologists trying to puzzle out the details of plate-tectonic theory. Metamorphic details. Geophysical details. The dialogue is not without crescendos. They debate in a language exotic in itself, and shuffle like a blackjack deck the stratigraphic units of the world. In Vermont, say, walking the hard-packed dirt roads among Black Angus meadows and roll-mop hay, over plank bridges-“LEGAL LOAD LIMIT 24,000 POUNDS” -and down through the black spruce to Cambrian outcrops jutting up as ledges in fast, clear streams, they argue. “You’ve got the right first approximation, but you’ve got to go ahead and prove that it’s the correct approximation.” “We’re talking about developing fabrics.” “It’s pretty clear now that fabrics don’t develop that way.” “For an anisotropic crystal, I don’t think you can say what you just said. You’ve got to put in another sentence there to justify using that approximation.” “I don’t see co-working space haarlem what you’re saying. Anisotropic or not, that’s the definition of being stressed.” “When you say the thermodynamic stability of the phase that’s growing is sigma i, sigma 2, sigma 3, divided by 3, it’s proof for an isotropic crystal. For garnets growing, that’s fine. For mica, that’s not fine.” The hills roundabout are decidedly footloose and no one knows how far they have moved. The rock they are made of has flopped over in recumbent folds and is older than the rock it rests on. In the Old Geology, these hills were described as large pieces of the high Taconic mountains, which had slid downhill by gravity and come to rest in the westward seas. Now they are seen variously as remnants of thrust sheets or as a possible exotic terrane.

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