Hook Mountain

There were oaks and maples on top of Hook Mountain, and, in the wall of the roadcut, basal rosettes of woolly mullein, growing in the rock. The Romans drenched stalks of mullein with suet and used them for funeral torches. American Indians taught the early pioneers to use the long flannel leaves of this plant […]

Ocean-crustal rock

Moores is an ophiolitologist, an expert on ocean-crustal rock, which asks or answers large questions when it is found detached and lying on continents. An introduction to the nature and complexity of ophiolites (476-5u) is followed by subflashbacks to Cyprus (5ll19) and Greece (519-26), where Moores has done research for decades and where transported rock […]

One sweeping glance

In the unspectacular setting of Rawlins, Wyoming, a person can see in one sweeping glance a spread of time far greater than the time represented in the walls of the Grand Canyon. On pages 29497, a verbal rock column reaches down at Rawlins through those 2.6 billion years. The final sixth of Rising from the […]